September 26, 2016



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The Plasma Growth Accelerator is the flagship product of PlasGro, a subsidiary of Advanced Plasma Solutions. We call it Nature’s Plant Supplement because it’s made with plasma technology which mimics the natural phenomenon of thunderstorms; the natural power of lightning in a bottle! And it’s all natural and 100% chemical free!

Ask any farmer and they’ll tell you that their crops seem to just grow better after a big thunderstorm. That’s because thunderstorms produce mother nature’s own fertilizer! When lightning strikes, the available nitrogen in the air is delivered to plants via rain water, converting the nitrogen into a fertilizer that plants can use.

At PlasGro we’ve figured out how to create a thunderstorm in our lab anytime we want! Our mad scientists knew that lightning was just another form of plasma, so they built a fancy machine which combines the elements of air, pure water, and plasma. The machine takes in air, zaps it with a bolt of plasma (lightning really), and immediately introduces water into the mix.

Plasma Growth Accelerator (Large Quantities)

larger quantities of PGA
Do you have a large growing operation and a desire to take advantage of the benefits of the Plasma Growth Accelerator? We have you covered!

We can produce and ship the Plasma Growth Accelerator in any quantity to meet your needs.


Plasma Water Treatment Systems


Plasma Water Treatment Unit

The Plasma Water Treatment Systems provide your very own “thunderstorm-in-a-box” by utilizing Gliding Arc Plasma Reactor technology. With them you can produce as much of your own Plasma Growth Accelerator as you need.





Larger System

Plasmaponic image

Plasmaponics™ is a patent pending technology for delivering nutrients to plants in order to enhance plant growth and health. It creates plasma water and plasma air that contain reactive nitrogen and oxygen species and then directly delivers them to plant roots.  This unique device integrates into your current growing system to reduce the need for added chemicals and to promote plant growth and health.
A gas discharge (plasma) is caused via a plasma power supply in a gas flow containing oxygen and nitrogen, which ionizes the gas flow, creating ions, radicals, and reactive species.  This discharge creates compounds such as N2, NOx, H2O2, and O(3P), which act as natural plant fertilizers.
This Plasmaponics™ device is the size of a computer tower. It is more powerful than the larger system

Small Device